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The Great Salt Debate

In Health rambles on May 30, 2010 at 12:11 pm

There was an article published by The New York Times yesterday that describes the efforts of the food industry to maintain high salt levels in foods.  Basically, the American public is realizing that they are consuming enormous amounts of salt everyday because it is packed into the processed foods that they buy.  Consequently, there is a demand for lower salt food and it has been suggested that the government mandate a reduction in salt contents, which the industry has inevitably resisted.

If you are not familiar with how much salt is in your everyday foods without you adding it in yourself, scroll down to the section in the article called “Case Study: The Cheeze-It.”  It is everywhere!

Salt sprinkled on top gives the tongue a quick buzz. More salt in the cheese adds crunch. Still more in the dough blocks the tang that develops during fermentation. In all, a generous cup of Cheez-Its delivers one-third of the daily amount of sodium recommended for most Americans.

While I strongly encourage healthy eating and am thrilled that people are learning more about what they are consuming, I personally do not think it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that the American public isn’t gorging on salt.   Government intervention in the form of product regulation will not solve a systemic problem.

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