About the Chick

My name is Rebecca.  I am a 20-something young professional who currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA.

A few years ago, I couldn’t cook pasta without overcooking the noodles.  My usual dinner in college consisted of pre-cooked rice and pre-cooked chicken topped with a dressing.  I loved food and eating but I didn’t even know where to begin learning how to cook the delicious meals that people served in restaurants; I didn’t even know if it was possible to serve those meals at home. I don’t know why it happen, perhaps the cold Albany winters decreased my desire to eat out, but I slowly started learning more about cooking basic meals.  From there, my cooking interest took off rapidly; I wanted to learn about cooking different types of food and different methods for cooking. I especially wanted to learn about how to cook healthy, delicious food.

Now, I am a health-conscious vegetarian with an insatiable appetite.  I definitely do not have enough time on my hands.  My pantry is often pitiful, especially toward the end of the week.  Nevertheless, I try not let the 9-5 aspect of my life interfere with my need to sustain a nutritious vegetarian lifestyle filled with delicious meals.  I love cooking and I love enjoying the food that I cook!

This blog follows my culinary explorations as I juggle life and learn more about the wonders of cooking and eating well.  Dig in!

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