About the Peas

For starters, this is a vegetarian blog.  I am not vegan and I do consume some animal products.  The recipes in the blog do occasionally contain animal products that are not appropriate for a vegan, such as eggs.  However, I often use or provide replacement options in the recipes.

Many wonderful cookbooks and cooking blogs tend to display awesome recipes that are a little too time consuming for vegetarians on the go.   Most of the meals that I cook come from cookbooks, recipe websites, or other food blogs.  I simplify those recipes to fit with my busy lifestyle without removing the flavor!  I completely believe that we need to enjoy our food, and being health conscious doesn’t mean that you are stuck with boring salads and steamed vegetables (although I do love salads and steamed vegetables).

I also love modifying traditional meals and unhealthy treats and and making them more healthful.  By “healthful,” I don’t mean low in fat or calories.   In actuality, I am talking about consuming wonderful wholesome foods and nutrients while reducing the use refined sugars, unhealthy additives, and trans fats.  That is what these recipes are: healthful and easy enough for people with busy schedules.


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